Employee Work Schedule

Employee Work Schedule 3.6

Entrances / exits management of 7 or 11 employees for 1 year and for every year

Entrances / exits management of 7 or 11 employees for 1 year and for every year. It saves absence, overtime, sick days, holiday pay, Christmas bonus + special, and calculates STAFF COSTS (gross / net) for different periods of time (hour / day / week / month / year). For more employees you can use a second copy of the file. Full explanation on the file.
The system consists of - 5 levels - for the initial configuration and use.
I REGISTER: Fill in according to directions by the same.
II CALENDAR and EXTRA: Update the calendar as you need; fix here public holiday - PH - and enter other information, which are initial claims for the current year. EXTRA are more informations managed by the system (eg, holidays / sick leave / etc) and they may be absences or other records that respond to practical needs.
III Filling employee Journal: Every employee has his own presence Journal (EMP 1 / EMP 2 / etc.). Each sheet already shows normal values (previously entered) and therefore you must fill in only if there are NOT ORDINARY time to report or in case you want to report some EXTRA. On ordinary days, all sheets are already filled out. Each footer gives a brief summary of the current year.
IV EMPLOYEES ATTENDANCE BOOK: As it has been previously entered for any EMP in his Journal, the system automatically collects all informations and displays them in the EMP BOOK. Not required any change in this sheet.
V STAFF COSTS: Here you can enter your values for GROSS and NET pay and get the different values for a selected period (per hour, daily, weekly, monthly, annually). The system also takes into consideration same social costs (you can personalize), paid hollidays, overtime and other bonus.

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